Production Music Library

Epic music is part of contemporary classical music, but at the same time it is based on a wide range of genres. Epic music is created for trailers, movies and computer games. After gaining popularity, music groups and composers started creating epic music for the general public. It is very difficult to determine the genre classification of a track. But Epic is not so much of a genre as it is a professional categorization for the trailer and business music industry.

Characteristic features of an epic tracks are:

  • The harmony in the music changes often, the calm and the melodic moment turn into an epic one.
  • An instrument being highlighted in its upper register.
  • There is always a culminating moment.

This is music that evokes a certain mood, including various tracks - calm and emotional. There are elements of classical music.
What is epic music in movies and trailers?
This music makes everything more epic. From the acting of the actors to the scenes in the movie.
Music is the prism through which film changes. When you include the right music in your movie, it has the power to make everything more epic and emotional. Epic music can make your movie look more captivating and dramatic to your audience.

Amadea Music Productions is a leading production music company that produces music for movie trailers, music for feature film, music for television and music for video games, music for advertising campaigns.

During the creation of a movie, trailer, advertisement or other business project, you hire a dedicated composer to write music specifically for the project. However, it is possible to use a Music Library where production music was collected, specifically for these purposes. Such is the Epic Music Library by Amadea Music Productions.

If you are part of a team for making a new action movie, making a video game, or your company wants to present a new offer to potential investors, you must include "epic" music in your soundtrack, i.e. strong music with a lot of tension and drama. You can choose epic music for this purpose.

Epic is a categorization of music that meets a set of expectations from music fans and the professional community. Epic music brings together different genres, such as classical, film or production business music.
There is a difference between epic music and classical music and it is that epic music always has a culminating moment. It becomes more intense as the action reaches its climax, and at the same time there are quiet moments that soothe.

Epic trailer music is the music that will make you watch the movie, epic movie music is the music that will keep you engaged all the time, epic advertising music is the music that will grab your attention, the epic music for TV shows is this music that will show you where the highlight is.

You can find such epic emotional music in our Production Music Library.