Music is part of our daily lives. We listen to music during our daily routine while relaxing, learning or training. There are different genres of music, but it is important what mood we are in and what background we will use the music for. It depends on whether we want to listen to calm, relaxing music, or emotional and shocking. Epic music is a collection of all that. Epic music is beautiful, atmospheric, rhythmic, powerful and inspiring. Epic music is an infusion of a person's emotional state. This kind of music inspires a person, influences the depths of the human soul, makes him more positive.
Epic music is a stimulant, inspiring, soothing music, but at the same time it can spark a person to new heights of success. There are different types of epic music and we make unique Spotify's playlists for background.

This Spotify Playlist is beautiful Relaxing Music for Sleeping, Music for Yoga, Epic Music for Meditation or Background music for Bedtime Routine.

Background music is a very important part of your dinner. This music creates a wonderful atmosphere, whether it's a family dinner or a party with friends.

Listening to epic music during a workout will help you train with maximum efficiency, this music will motivate you to exercise with great pleasure.

Start your favorite game and dive in this great epic music playlist. You will love this powerful, dramatic, intense and aggressive music.

Epic music while learning will help you concentrate and get better results. This Studying Playlist with only Epic Music will help you in Concentration and Focusing.

Epic Music Collection for lovers of emotional and trailer music. Those epic tracks are in any style you choose: from intense battle music, to powerful heroic music, but at the same time includes calm and atmospheric elements! Listen and enjoy our Epic Music Spotify playlist!

Epic music is not a separate genre. Epic music is based on a wide range of genres. Epic music is based on the foundations of folklore (ethnic, folklore) music, marching, instrumental, electronic (optional, but with the development of technology more and more), relaxation, but at the same time has a distinct, own character.

Epic music is used also for productions. This music is use as background in soundtrack trailers, movie background music, epic game music. Amadea Music Production is an Epic Music Library with a large music catalog of epic tracks.